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What are cookies?

Cookies are text strings that are inserted in the browser's memory from the open Web site, allowing this site to store information on your computer and then reuse it. This website uses cookies to improve your navigation.
Most browsers allow you to authorize or not to use cookies.

If you choose to disable cookies, the specific features of some areas of this site may be limited.

Cookies needed

Some cookies are required for the site to function properly. For example, we use cookies to authenticate the user. Authentication cookies are set when the user accesses our sites and during a navigation session.

These cookies do not collect information about you that could be used for marketing purposes or track your web browsing.

What we use them for

To remember data, like the information you used in compiling modules while navigating through the different pages during a browser navigation session.
To remember the products and services you ordered when you reach the checkout page,
To identify you as a logged-in user.
To make sure you connect to the correct section of our website when we make changes to how it works.

Please note

Accepting these cookies is a necessary condition for using the site, blocking them does not allow us to guarantee your security or predict how our site will behave during your visit.

Functionality cookies

These cookies are used to activate some additional features on our websites, such as storing preferences (such as user name and language selection) and preventing users from participating multiple times in the same survey. This feature improves the user experience.

What we use them for

To remember the settings you have applied to format, text, size, preferences, and colors.
To remember if we have already asked you if you want to respond to a survey (so you do not mind it unnecessarily).
To help you proactively through live chat sessions (live webcasts).
To share information with partners who provide a service on our Internet site. Shared information is used solely for the provision of the service, product or function, any other purpose is excluded.

Please note

You can decide whether to use these cookies or not, but preventing your use may result in the impossibility of offering some services and will reduce the support we can offer.
Monitoring cookies and performance enhancement cookies

Some cookies are used to gather information about how visitors use our websites. We use information to analyze how users use our websites to detect problems related to our websites and help us improve and refine our services and capabilities. Generally, such cookies collect information anonymously and allow us to determine information, such as the number of visitors to the web page, how visitors have reached the site and the pages they visit. For example, we use Google Analytics that uses cookies to facilitate usage tracking.

What we use them for

To get statistics on how to use our website.
To help us improve the website by evaluating any detected errors.
To test different designs of our website.
To measure the effectiveness of our advertising (N.B. We DO NOT use this information to show you advertising when visiting other Internet sites).

Please note

If you do not want to participate in Google Analytics, you can also download the Browser Add-in for deactivating Google Analytics.
Discovery or advertising cookies

"Ad Targeting" cookies are derived from third-party services, such as the "I Like" and "Share" buttons. The third party provides these services following your visit to our Internet site.

What we use them for

To connect to social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc., so that you can use information about your visit to show you advertising on other websites

To provide your advertising agencies with information about your visit so that you can view targeted advertising based on your interests (behavioral advertising)

Please note

You can decide whether to use these cookies or not, but preventing your use may result in the inability to offer you some services. All of these cookies are handled by third parties who, in turn, provide tools to block them.

The user can block or restrict the receipt of cookies through their browser options.

 On Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" menu bar and then on the "Internet Options" sub-menu. Finally, access the "Privacy" tab settings to change your cookie preferences.

On Firefox, click on the "Tools" menu bar and then on the "Options" sub-menu. Finally, access the "Privacy" settings to change your cookie preferences.

On Chrome, type "chrome: // settings / content" in the address bar (without quotes) and change the cookie settings as you want.

On Safari, select the "Preferences" item and then choose Privacy. In the Block Cookie section, specify how Safari must accept cookies from the websites.

If you use Safari on portable devices such as iPhone and iPad, you need to do the following: go to the device's "settings" and then find "Safari" on the left menu. From here, under "Privacy and Security", you will be able to manage cookie options.

To disable external service cookies, you must act on their settings:

Google Services

Capestoreonline ( is committed to continuously developing the best ways to manage your preferences on cookies. As new technologies and solutions emerge, this policy on cookies could be updated to reflect these advances in technology and preference management tools.

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